Responsible organisations: Roma Active Albania in Albania and Integro Association in Bulgaria.

The grassroots campaign in Albania and Bulgaria will focus on bottom-up awareness raising and advocacy activities around the central theme: Roma inclusion.  Mixed groups of Roma and non-Roma will be engaged in the campaign activities. The main goal: to challenge their understanding of Roma exclusion and transform their attitude. Public awareness will be raised on the negative role of prejudices and stereotypes of Roma and its adverse effects on Roma integration. Students and youth play an important role in both campaigns, together with community organisations.

“Thank you..?!” campaign: The bottom-up campaigns in Albania and Bulgaria reach across borders as they are joined by ERGO Network members in Moldova, Serbia and Turkey under the banner “Thank You ...?! Partnering for Roma Inclusion”. In all these countries, grassroots campaigns that intend to boost the visibility of Roma as citizens and to take a close look at the state of play of Roma inclusion policies will be conducted from October 2010. 

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