Responsible organisation: ERGO Network and Spolu IF

Awareness raising of Roma exclusion is a crucial dimension of effective Roma inclusion policies. This requires a long-term commitment – and effective approaches. Parallel to the actual campaigns, ERGO Network invests in building knowledge and expertise on campaign approaches to raise awareness of Roma issues, change attitudes and achieve concrete change. A ‘learning and evaluation’ component analyses approaches, methods and results of the different campaign strategies. As part of REACT, ERGO Network will elaborate the lessons learned and produce and disseminate replicable and evidence based campaign methodologies.

In the frame of the REACT campaign, ERGO Network and its partner organisations take on board promising and talented young people to expand their skills, apply them in their own organisations and exchange their experiences across borders. These Young Roma Professionals (YRPs) receive on the spot training and coaching and are in addition invited to take part in common training exchange visits and short stays abroad to strengthen their knowledge and skills in fields of particular interest to the further development of their careers. This capacity building component of the campaign aims to strengthen the partner organizations, which are in continuous need of attracting new activists.