Responsible organisation: Policy Center for Roma and Minorities (PCRM) in close cooperation with Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (UISP), Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), UEFA.

The REACT campaign conducted by the Policy Center aims to challenge negative attitudes towards Roma in Romania. In a context of persistent anti-Gypsyism, PCRM wants to use a combination of channels, messengers and partnerships to reach a general public and address the negative understanding many people have of Roma issues. Centre stage is the harsh environment of the ghetto area in Ferentari, Bucharest, which is dominated by extreme poverty, criminality, violence and lack of opportunities. Through a documentary, accompanying video clips and public actions, an image of life in the ghetto reaches a broad audience. Campaign activities around sports events address the perception of Roma among a wider audience. They promote the message of “racism-free sports” and involve sports celebrities and federations. PCRM wants to encourage clubs, associations and other stake- holders to carry the message further.